Saturday, February 06, 2016



This website provides advice to law students and recent law school graduates on preparing for the bar including advice on how to take bar essay exams and multiple choice exams.

These recommendations are about studying to pass the bar. They are not about making you a great lawyer or getting you that high paying law job. For that you will need more than passing the bar. You will need tenacity, creativity, concern for others, and a bit of good luck. But no doubt, passing the bar is essential.

Passing the bar will require more than showing up for bar review every day, reading the bar review materials, and making an outline. (Although it should go without saying, that doing those things are basic to passing the bar.) Passing the bar will require that you take even more responsibility for your own learning than you have so far.


What does that mean?


Well, it means knowing how you learn and tailoring your study habits to maximize your learning. Doing something because everyone else is doing it is not taking responsibility for your own learning. You must do those things that will maximize your learning. After an honest analysis of your learning style, if you determine that any of these recommendations will not help you maximize your learning, than I hope that you will take charge of your learning and ignore them.


If you want to pass the bar you must give your attention to several important areas.


First, you must master any environmental, emotional, and physical obstacles to your success.


Second, you must make sure that your study strategy is not seriously flawed, and you must do that NOW!!.


Third, you must prepare sufficiently by preparing daily and weekly.


Fourth, you must organize and write concise, effective responses to the exam questions.

Finally, you must develop good multiple choice exam taking skills.

This site is intended to help you with all of the above. The information is substantial and free, you need only register. There are workshops designed to provide you significant practice on both your essay taking  and multiple choice taking skills.